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I apologise... [Mar. 7th, 2004|11:41 am]

[mood |blankblank]

But my mind has drawn a blank... I'm afraid that's how I become when I feel like I must do something by a certain time, it's the rebel in me >:) .. I'm sorry, but right now at this point in time I can't think of anything I want to discuss.
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Subject [Mar. 6th, 2004|06:44 am]

I skip my subject phase to allow Alex to give hers. Get 'er done babe :P
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Alrighty The Rules [Mar. 6th, 2004|06:05 am]

Ok, so I know there is only two of you in the community right now, but this is as good of a time as any to tell everyone the rules.


Subjects will be selected by members of the community.
From the order they joined.

Everyone is allowed to give their opinion on the subject.
If I find that you are being non-empathic on someone esle's posts/comments I will ban you from the community.

Subjects will go on until they are voted off.
Please do not start another subject until it is your turn.
Everyone will have their turn so I ask that you be patient.

Subjects will be put on the voting block once every two days.
If enough votes are put against it, it will be taken off the subject and be the next person's turn to choose.

Language is not a problem for me.
You can say anything and not offend me.
But if you are offended but the level of curse words being used please tell me and I will do my part to see that they are cut down.

If you are having problems posting and or commenting please contact me and I will try to help you solve this problem.

If the subject that is on hand at the time offends you please do not cause drama.
Wait two days and vote against it.

If someone in particular is bothering you please contact me.
If I have been contacted enough times on one single person I will call a vote to see if they should be banned.

Only member's choices will be accounted for during votes.
All others will be ignored.

If non-members and are leaving unwanted comments in my members posts then I will set the security level to private.
I'm leaving it on public so that if people want to join they can contact me that way.

I ask that if you choose a subject over poetry, that not too many ask me to write poems for them.
Maybe someone will pick a subject of how to write poetry and I'll try and teach you.

That is all I can think of for now.
I know that most rule sheets have something at the end in regards to: HAVE FUN!!!
But I can not help if you don't have fun in my community.
I want you to but that won't always be the chase for everyone.
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ok lets do it...................... [Mar. 6th, 2004|07:00 am]

[mood |sillysilly]
[music |godsmack: awake]

i'm glad you invited me to join james. thank you. i alway's got something to say it just doesn't alway's make cents. i've also got some very strong points of veiw's. now, only if i could remember them.

1. loyd

2. the get amish state ohio u.s.a.

3.can i just put how old i feel? cos it's like 10 but yeah 32.

4. i heard from alexandra.....psssss. she hates it when i post her full name ....hehe

quote: Life's dirty. Life's unclean you know. It's birth, it's sex, it's the intestinal tract. One big squishy, unsanitary mess. It never gets any cleaner either. You know, dust to dust, worms crawl in, worms crawl out, right? Even though we know that, we still walk the walk, we still live the life. We're like a bunch of little kids. Little kids, you know, we jump in this big old pond of mud and we're slapping it all over our face, rubbing our hair all down our backs and we're making these glorious, gooey, mud pies. That's us.
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Am I here....? [Mar. 6th, 2004|11:12 am]

Am I am I am I ?!?!?

Did I get it right?

Did I figure it out?

Did I get it have I got it ? Good!

well yep...

1.Lex, or lexxy.

2.N. Ireland, currently in England

3.age, if you know me you know, if you dont rest assured I'm old(ish) :p

4.James told me about this and asked me to join , and well anything for my baby boy.
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Answers [Mar. 6th, 2004|05:05 am]

1. James Morrison

2. Texas, U.S.A.

3. 18

4. I created it
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Welcome [Mar. 6th, 2004|04:08 am]


Everything matters. No matter how small it may seem it has an impact on your life. This community is for any and all subjects that I see fit.

If you are here for the first time please make your post out to these specifications:

1. Your name. (If you just want to put your first, that's fine)

2. Where you are from. (Only your Country is fine)

3. You age. (This is so that I'll know what generation the opinions are coming from)

4. How you found this community. (Just for curiosty's sake)
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